Dance Mechanics Moto Tour is complete! 27 days! Thank you sponsors, friends, dancers, lovers and Ashley López for making my dream of riding and teaching come true! I’mOfficially home at 3,192.6 miles!



I see UNMATA today! Yaaaay! 30 days away from the girls and tonight … Slumber partaaaay!!! Missed you Kari Unmata, Shelly Unmata, Sarah Stinson!! See you soon!

Thank you San Luis Obispo (and surrounding areas teehee)! Classes were fantastic, so great to see old friends and new ones too! Thanks Bonnie Wolf-Moss , Jean Moss and your wonderful family for being incredible hosts! Here’s a picture that sums up the event.

Goodbye Tucson!

Goodbye Tucson! Out at 2:45am to avoid the 119 degree weather! Huge thanks to my dance host Jess Walker for an incredible dance opportunity, Allen Siu for the most comfortable accommodations and the dancers who bring my life to life! On the road again!