Our ride thru the Beartooth mountains

Our ride thru the Beartooth mountains—elevation up to 11k feet—hail, and a shot in Yellowstone. Only got a small downpour on the bike today. #dancemechanicsmototour #beartoothpass #yellowstonenationalpark @ Thermopolis, Wyoming


Val & Hope in Cody, Wyoming

Samite Lev:

Of course we met the biggest celebrities in Cody, Wyoming. Val from the movie Unbranded (what a character!!) And Hope!!! “Where there’s Hope, there’s music!!” Super special night at Cassies!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart

To my INCREDIBLE hosts Tessa Thompson and Valeria Heyneman, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the creative space, the adventurous space and the healing space. You two are such generous and wonderful souls! And Charlie and Shawn! Thanks Charlie and Shawn for everything! And to the Billings crew… I fucking love you! You brought all of it to the table and it was so passionate and fulfilling. ♥️. to next time!

Headed up the pass! You all are rock stars
Kelley Gililland