Day 13

Day 13 of the Dance Mechanics Moto Tour: it took us 10hrs to make the 4 1/2 hour drive. We know how to find some fun!

Day13 Amy

Day13 Amy


Awesome die hard dancers

Now that was a weekend full of dance! Technique, strength training, creativity and a great mind fuck! Thank you Tori Halfon for bringing us out. Thank you Raven Sumner for being an incredible host and performance partner, Virginie Inara Guillemette for keeping me on my toes too, awesome die hard dancers who stuck with us all weekend and Ashley López for incredible workshops. Yaaaaaasss! Goodnight. (I may feel this tomorrow…)

Life on the road!

Day 5 of the Dance Mechanics Moto Tour andBadger Rhymes bike dies right after we pull into our hotel room parking lot. Then I am pushing the Harley back out of the spot at like 1 mph and slip in a pile of gravel and lay it down. Fortunately like a baby at nap time and… Crash bars…so no damage. Found a great shop for Badger’s Vulcan, huge thanks to Madnutz Motorz in La Verkin! I guess one more day in Hurricane Utah it is! Life on the road!

Raven Vulcan