Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz was SO MUCH fun!!! Thank you Chandala for making it happen, and for all of the wonderful ladies–local, interstate and international–who came to dance and perform!! It was sooo much fun, and so great to see family and friends and then have all of Unmata in their eternal glory!!!



What a fantastic, amazing, wonderful tour!!! I’ll miss my riding buddies…thank you so much everyone who participated & helped us make this tour go. So grateful and so glad Amy suggested it!!

What a weekend!!!

Drills, conditioning, improv, ITS vocab, shopping, pools, saguaros, HEAT, strange-looking squirrels, broccoli pasta, motorcycles…Thanks Jess and Dan for being awesome hosts, for a lovely dinner, and Jess thanks so much for your hard work putting the weekend together. Super grateful for the ladies from Tucson and those who traveled to attend. It was so wonderful dancing with you and hope to see you all again soon!!!