By Carla Michelle Coelho 

More about this amazing weekend! It was such a pleasure to meet this wonderful lady, Amy Sigil! I had so much fun in her class and she is so sweet and rock’n roll! Hahahah! I loved it! By the way, I really have to say, the playlist for the class was amazing! Amy & Ashley Mechanics moto tour workshop! Yaaay! So great! Foi maravilhoso o workshop da Unmata Sigil! Ela é super divertida, doce e tem um estilo rock’n roll maravilhoso! Amei!!! #desertdreamdancecompanystudio #santacruz #amysigil #amy&ashley’smachanicsmototourworkshop #tribalfusion #tribalfusionbellydance #studyingwiththebestone #alwaysastudent #dancelover #improvisationclass #choreographyclass #mimicoelho


By Carla Michelle Coelho
And this weekend was amazing! Amy & Ashley’s Mechanics Moto Tour workshop! I finally met this wonderful lady! Her choreography class was super fun and really awesome! Thank you @ashleylopezbellydance! I hope to see you soon! Maravilhosa aula de coreografia de Ashley Ashley López ontem! Sem palavras para agradecer os conhecimentos que me foram repassados! Uma delícia de workshop! #feelinggrateful #feelingblessed #aulaincrivel #ashleylopezclass #ashleylopez #amy&ashley’smechanicsmototour #tribalfusionbellydance #tribalfusion #mimicoelho #santacruz #desertdreamdancecompanystudio

By Shandala Snow-Shiva

This weekend was special. I am so grateful to Amy Unmata Sigil and Ashley López for bringing their creative magic and warm hearts to Santa Cruz and for having UNMATA and family fill my house. Thank you to everyone who came to the workshops, who came to the show, everyone who brought their skills and talents to the stage. Thanks to the Desert Dream girls for being great hostesses. Their was a community of people who made this weekend happen and I thank all of you! A special shout out to the Satinka girls and hubbies. Without you I would have crumbled.
I will cherish the memories of the work we created and the beauty I witnessed for years to come.

Little photo collection

By Robyn Vandiver

A little collection from the Santa Cruz show tonight, inspired by Ashley Lopez and Amy Sigil’s dance workshop tour on motorcycles…I was honored to perform in an organic fusion choreography and some ITS… I ❤️ adventures in dance! Thanks Jonathan for the amazing photos 💜


By Robyn Vandiver

Ready for a Hafla in Santa Cruz with some of my very favorite dance family! I get to share the stage with Unmata, Shelly, Kari, and Sarah tonight, as well as a bunch of wonderful new friends! Thanks so much to Chandala for this amazing opportunity! 💜

Swish swash

By Krisenna Zipporah

What a fantastic dance weekend! Thank you, Jess Walker, for hosting Amy Unmata Sigil and Ashley López in Tucson. Ashley really had some great tips for making our slower movements appear “boneless”. Amy helped us to connect as a group and encouraged us step outside that comfort zone to participate as both leaders and followers in improv collaborations. I also really LOVE “Swish Swash”! I’m so glad I got to attend. Can’t wait to do it again! ❤

It’s not about…

By Raven Sumner

I have learned so much in the past 6 days that I will treasure forever. And it’s not just about the art, not just about the dance, not just about the truth, or the lies, not just about emotional health, or mental health, or physical health, not just about the system which either protects or devastates, or the community, or lack of, not just about what others are be going through, not just about what I am going through. It’s not about me. Or you. Or him. Or her. BUT US. All of us. All the time.‪#‎impermanencebaby‬


By Jade Goh

Dear whoever/whatever is watching over me,

I got the memo that you’re trying to re-inspire me to ride. Between this timehop reminder today that I got my license for the 2nd time, meeting Unmata Sigiland Ashley Lopez last weekend, Mike Elias reminding me that my bike needs serious tlc, and Kerry Ryan working on hers regularly and posting about it on the daily. I get it finally. Time to get back in the saddle. I promise in July, I will make it a priority!

Your very dense ward

Jade Goh


3 doors down

By  Treasa Fataneh Kanzan Saint-Laurent


I really want to go to 3 doors down tonight… But since I work in the morning I’m going to adult and go home…. The Hafla with Amy Unmata Sigil and Ashley Lopez was so much fun! And for a great cause!!! Safe Nest Shimmy Mob’s charity this year!