workshops yesterday were awesome

Amy Iris Garland:

Michelle’s, Samira’s, and Ashley’s workshops yesterday were awesome 😍Now off to Sigil’s workshop!


Here is my tired, but happy face

Jo Boring:

Here is my tired, but happy face, grateful to have had the opportunity to connect with a friend I made in 2015 and hadn’t seen since! Faelan Snow-Shiva is a superb teacher and we loved the knowledge you dropped! I loved meeting your family and seeing your daughter dance her soul! And the magic of ITS! Allowing us to perform together with no rehearsal! Thank you Unmata Sigil!

Thank you Bethany Forsythe, you are always such a fun and hard working hostess♥ I love you. Lets do more things♥

Oh my gosh, I’m so excited for this show!

Lynzsea Sky Williams:

Oh my gosh, I’m so excited for this show! It’s going to be amazing. Fabulous world-renowned belly dancers Ashley López, Michelle Sorensen, and Unmata Sigil will be performing! Not to mention the local talent and best belly dancers in Idaho, with the lovely host and headliner Samira Simmons! You don’t want to miss these bad ass ladies and true belly dance innovators and trailblazers!!!
This Saturday, the 28th at 8, doors at 7 at the El Korah Shiners in downtown Boise.
Can’t wait!